DAT and OAT Summer Camp – Summer 2022

DAT and OAT Summer Camp – Summer 2022

2022 Summer Schedule

May 22 – August 17 via Zoom online

  • Sunday 10am – 2pm EST
  • Wed 6pm -10pm EST
  • DAT(OAT for Optometry students) and Math Destroyer, both books are required to attend the class  and can be purchased on our website: orgoman.com , you will need the current year edition for course

Days and times :

    • Sunday 10am – 2pm EST
    • Wed 6pm -10pm EST
    • Class meets 2 times a week and attendance at both classes are mandatory,  each class is $100
    • Deposit and Payment for the first class will be as follows
      $200 for first 2 classes
      $200 2 Math Classes paid in advance
      $200 2 last classes paid in advance
      Total due before the class begins is $600  This is the NOT total cost for the course.
    •   The $600 deposit is non refundable and can only be used as specified
    •   All payments will be collected online through Zelle, if you do not have a Zelle account get one.  Please contact your bank now to make  arrangements to pay through Zelle, don’t wait until the last minute. TD Bank does not use Zelle

Concepts will be taught in all the key areas of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Math,  BioChemistry, General Biology and Physiology in order for those students to excel on the DAT or OAT exam.

General Chemistry …. areas emphasized will be moles, gas laws, equilibrium, acid-base theory, titration curves, buffers, solubility concepts, kinetics, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry to name a few.

Organic Chem will review BOTH semesters 1 and 2…… Key reactions, mechanisms, synthesis, lab activities, stereochemistry, nomenclature and reaction mechanism types emphasizing the ” big name ” reactions such as Wittig, Claisen, Diels-Alder , Grignard, and Dieckmann to name a few.

Biology will review areas such as metabolic cycles, cells, Genetics, pathologies, microscopy, taxonomy, body systems, evolution, ecology, reproduction and much more.

Math will focus on all the DAT and OAT topics including algebra, inequalities, functions, basic statistics, probability, geometry and the new type of comparison questions.

Dr. Romano and Professor Barengolts will prepare you with everything you need for the DAT/OAT Exam. Prof Barengolts is our top instructor and has been with us for over 20 years. He is a seasoned Professor that has guided thousands of students to success. Dr. Romano’s reputation speaks for itself.

The Zoom format is as follows: Dr. Romano will introduce each lecture with key points you will be covering during that lecture. He will lecture approximately 25 to 40 minutes.  After that Prof Barengolts will take over.  At the end of each lecture you will be given a PDF file of the lecture. All subjects are taught except PAT and Reading.

For OAT students we will give out Dr. Romano’s Physics Lectures free of charge but we do not have an instructor for that topic.

Included in the class are Orgo, GC, Bio and Math.  We post daily reading in our study group and offer a separate PAT class for students that are interested, there is an additional fee for the PAT class(DAT students only need this section)

Recording of our lectures are strictly prohibited and copyright protected

Video cameras must remain on  during the lecture

It is highly suggested you join our DAT/OAT Destroyer Study group on FB.  Dr. Romano and Prof Barengolts post daily questions.

Join our Youtube channel that has hundreds of free videos for the DAT and OAT.