Organic Chemistry
A molecule model with reflection on a dark surrounding. Sulfanilamide if someone is really interested !!Sulfanilamide was a medicine used to treat streptococcal infections. One version of the drug, in liquid form, was introduced in the market after having being tested only for flavor, appearance and fragrance but not for toxicity. It caused the deaths of more than 100 people back in 1937. As we are all awaiting the cure for COVID19 let his be a reminder of what untested, unsafe and "rushed to market" drugs can do to people.

Organic Chemistry

Semester I:
Topics include: resonance, nomenclature, functional groups/introduction to mechanisms, stereochemistry, substitution/elimination reactions, alkenes/alkynes, conjugated chemistry and aromatic chemistry.

Semester II:
Topics include: alcohols, ethers, organometalic compounds, carbonyl chemistry, amines, carbohydrates, nucleotides, lipids and amino acids.

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