Math Intensive

Sunday June 7 or June 14th, 10-4pm

Taught by Prof. Mustapha Karmouni

$150 per class

The extra math classes we are offering cover the basics you need to do well in the math section.

We will first start with very basic math concepts (fractions, conversions, calculation tricks, how to deduce answer choices, etc). Some students may find this very easy or mundane. However, from my experience working with hundreds of students, the lack of basic concepts is what really hinders many students’ chances of excelling in the Math section.

Next we will cover various topics in geometry (area, volume, etc.) and spend an extensive amount of time on word problems, trigonometry and probability. If we have extra time, we will do as many problems as possible from the Math Destroyer. We will also go over the type of problems that you CANNOT get wrong on the test. Lastly we will work on time management in the testing atmosphere.

6 hour class with 30-minute break