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General Chemistry

Semester I:
Topics include: rules of conversions, nomenclature, stoichiometry, solutions, gas laws, thermochemistry/thermodynamics, electronic structure of atoms and periodic trends, lewis structures and orbital theory.

Semester II:
Topics include: intermolecular forces, chemical reaction rates, equilibrium, acids and bases, buffers, acid and base equilibrium, electrochemistry and nuclear chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

Semester I:
Topics include: resonance, nomenclature, functional groups/introduction to mechanisms, stereochemistry, substitution/elimination reactions, alkenes/alkynes, conjugated chemistry and aromatic chemistry.

Semester II:
Topics include: alcohols, ethers, organometalic compounds, carbonyl chemistry, amines, carbohydrates, nucleotides, lipids and amino acids.


Covers topics such as the structure and function of biological molecules. Topics include proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids, enzyme kinetics, ligand binding, recombinant DNA technology, and cell membrane structure and support.


Covers topics such as cell structure and energetics, heredity, molecular genetics, evolutionary biology, biodiversity, structure and function of plants & animals and ecology.


CALCULUS, Algebra, sets, logic, geometry, functions, real number system, limits, derivatives, differential equations, probability and statistics and more.


Covers topics such as motion, Newton's laws, work, energy, momentum, circular motion, fluids, electrostatics, electricity, magnetism, optics and nuclear concepts.


Perceptual Ability